"“A great record to unwind after a good night out, some tracks will surely find their way into more experimental DJs out there...” 

- Blaq Records, Berlín, 2015.

Electronic downtempo rock band founded in Mexico City in 2011.

Radion is formed by Carlos Carranza, Roberto Morales and Rebeca Acosta who have a broad trajectory in rock and experimental music projects. In the beginning they incurred in the “Ambient” genre to later experiment in “Downtempo” and “Trip Hop”. Their music has always been distinguished for being innovative with their electronic tints that evoque autum and nostalgic atmospheres. The lyrics, almost instrospective, talk about remoteness and spirituality.

Radion has produced 3 EPs and are currently promoting their first LP under the name of “Binaural”. All independently produced.



Interview and LiveSet

Código CDMX / 2019